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Install: Integrating with a Managed Site

Sermons Online is compatible with all web servers that allow you to add HTML to a page, including managed site-building services such as,,,,, etc. The technique for integrating Sermons Online depends on how your web admin page application lets you enter HTML.

Many managed systems allow you to add HTML by selecting an Advanced editing mode or clicking on an HTML Mode icon in the editor. In this mode, you can directly enter HTML instead of just text. For these kinds of systems, the technique is:

Other managed systems do not allow you to add HTML directly to a template page. You must first enter the HTML into a content item, and then place that item on the page. For these kinds of systems, the technique is:

A few managed systems do not permit HTML at all. For these systems, Sermons Online will host the Sermon Page for you on our servers.

If you need help with any of these steps, just sign in to the Site Manager and open a Support Ticket

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