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Multiple Sermon Archives (Sub-Accounts)


Sermons Online has a sub-account feature that lets you create multiple sermon archives. For example, you may want to have one archive for worship services, and a separate archive for other lectures. Each archive is independent of the others, and typically would be hosted on your web site on different pages.

Sub-accounts have their own content, stylings, and index entries such as Series/Topic. For billing purposes, all the disk space used by sub-account content is rolled up into the master Sermons Online account.

Creating a Sub-Account

To create a sub-account, follow these steps.

1. Log in to your Sermons Online account.

2. Click the “Other Accounts” drop-down field next to your church’s name and choose “add sub-account.” You will be taken to the Add New Sub-Account screen.

3. Enter the name of the sub-account in the first field. (If desired, provide a longer, more descriptive name for the sub-account in the last field.)

4. Press the OK button to create the sub-account.

Adding Content to a Sub-Account

Once you have created a sub-account, use the Sermon Publisher to publish content to it. Login to the Publisher with the sub-account's unique Account ID. All accounts share the same password, so use the master account password for all your sub-accounts.

Managing Sub-Accounts

Use the Sermons Online Site Manager to manage your sub-account. As with the Publisher, login with your sub-account's unique Account ID and the shared password. When you are logged into any sub-account, there will be a link on the Home page that will connect you back to your master Sermons Online account. Likewise, when you are logged into your master account, you will see links that will connect you to any of your sub-accounts.

Deleting Sub-Accounts

You cannot delete a sub-account, although you can remove all sermons from it.