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Getting started with Sermons Online is easy; just click below to Download and Install the Sermon Publisher.

Full Downloads

Full Download Links:
Sermon Publisher 2.3Latest Windows installer for all versions of Windows with high-DPI screens
Sermon Publisher 2.2Prior Windows installer for all versions of Windows
Sermon  ArchiverA command-line utility that archives all of your sermons on Sermons Online so you can keep a second backup copy of everything. See Backing Up Your Sermons for more information.

The first time you use the Publisher, you will be asked to create a free evaluation account on Sermons Online. A contact name and valid email address are required to create this account. You may evaluate our service for free for a month.

At the end of your trial period, simply complete the Billing section of your church profile page to continue using Sermons Online.

Computer Requirements

  • To listen to or watch a sermon, users must have a browser and a media player that can playback the type of streaming content you have chosen to publish. Javascript must be enabled in the browser (this is the default setting for most browsers.)
  • To publish a sermon, users must have any version of Windows supporting Internet Explorer 6 and higher. It is important to keep Windows updated with the latest Critical Updates. These are available for free from Microsoft at

Patch Downloads

Patch Download Links:
Sermon Publisher patch for High-DPI screensAdds support for high-DPI screens such as 4K monitors
Sermon Publisher Patch for IE 11Fixes reporting of script errors under IE 11

Patches are individual updates to portions of the Sermon Publisher. They are applied after you have installed the Publisher. You only need to apply a patch if you have the particular issue noted.