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Sermon Publisher Commercial License

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* htmlArea WYSIWYG HTML editor
* FFMPEG Encoder
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(:title Sermon Publisher -- Commercial License:)
(:title Sermon Publisher Commercial License:)
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(:ttle Sermon Publisher -- Commercial License:)
(:title Sermon Publisher -- Commercial License:)
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(:ttle Sermon Publisher -- Commercial License:)


The terms of Commercial Licenses are negotiated. The Sermon Publisher software can be privately labeled and included within commercial packages or services.

The Publisher is bundled with open source utility applications to perform such functions as uploading files. These applications can be included with the Publisher's Commercial License as long as no fee is charged for their use, and the other licensing requirements of each application are met. The bundled applications are:

* Audacity Wave File Editor
* CDex CD Ripper
* cURL File Transfer Utility
* htmlArea WYSIWYG HTML editor
* Javascript function library by Matt Kruse
* LAME MP3 Encoder
* VirtualDub Video Processor

The licenses and documentation for these applications are included in the /bin subdirectory.


The fees for Commercial Licenses are negotiated. Typical components of the pricing include a per-copy fee, and, optionally, software support, maintenance, and customization.